Hikari ‘Eye Shadow Quad’ Review

First Impressions.

I love eyeshadow compacts, little ones, big ones, they are all great for me. I was really happy and surprised to see this eye shadows quad in Septembers Look Fantastic beauty box.

The Look Fantastic booklet says:

“Affordable, highly pigmented and perfect colour combo, it’s a quad that will never leave your makeup stash. There are two neutral matte shades and two darker shimmering shades to help you play around with colour and texture.”


This is a full size quad in the shade Tonya, which is part of a range of quads all with various girls names. The quad is available for $15 on hikaricosmetics.com, but outside of auction sites like eBay they aren’t currently for sale in the U.K. Based on today’s exchange rate the compact is worth £11.29. If you want to shop on eBay check the sellers ratings, if in doubt contact the seller to ask questions and if it looks too good to be true walk away.

External Packaging.

The quad is packaged in a black shiny box with the brand, shade and product written in white writing.

The back of the box has a list of ingredients (below). The brand contact details are printed on the side of the box, and place of manufacture (PRC – China).


The quad is packaged in a black shiny plastic case, with a clear plastic window to show the shades within. The brand is written in black writing. The font and design make the quad look classy, but the thin, cheap aplastic lets its down a bit.

The back of the compact is also black and shiny, and has a grey sticker reconfirming the shade, place of manufacture, and size 8g.

Opening the lid of the compact I can see I do have four eyeshadow colours.


Before I get stuck in, I decide to finger swatch the shades on my arm working elbow to wrist, top town to bottom in the quad. I’m a bit disappointed with the pigmentation of the swatches, especially the matte shades, although admittedly some shadows work better with brushes. The powder is very fine and silky.

Top Left – This is the lightest shade in the quad, and is one of the matte shades. It is an ivory colour which would make a great base.

Top Right – This is the darkest shade, and is a dark brown matte shadow. This will be great for creating shadow in the eye.

Bottom Left – This shade has my attention, I don’t think I have anything like it even in my Morphe palettes. It’s a gorgeous shimmery copper colour.

Bottom Right – Another lovely shimmery shade, this one is a mid brown shade.


I prepped my eye area by using Revlon Eye Primer, and evening it out with a brush. I applied the top left matte ivory shade to the lid and crease to help set the area, and give a nice base to work on.

Using a precision brush I apply the Top Right dark shade to my outer V, and swoop it along my crease. I think this is the least pigmented shade in the palette so I literally pile it on.

Using a fluffy brush blend it out. If the shade looks too light after blending apply more powder with the precision brush and repeat. The shade should blend quite easily,

Using the bottom right shade apply along the eyelid, starting from the inner eye working out. I’ve used a brush which has given me quite a dull finish, you can also apply with your finger for a slightly brighter finish.

Just so that I’ve used every shade in the quad I run the bottom left coppery shade below my eye, along my lower lashline.


This might not be the most pigmented, or most luxurious eyeshadow quad I’ve tried but it can be used to quickly and easily put together different looks, especially good for day looks. One thing I really like about it is how well every shade works together to give the quad maximum usability. Even if the quad was for sale over here I don’t think I would get one, but I will use this, especially for work.


Nars Cosmetics ‘Blush’ Review

First Impressions.

I see a lot of Nars makeup being used online, but I’m yet to own any, well until receiving this Blush in the Latest in Beauty Limited Edition Harpers Bazaar Award Winners Beauty Box (HBAWBB). Phew, that was a mouthful! I really like highly pigmented blush that creates an impact without needed multiple applications to build up a good flush of colour. My blush might be a bit too much for some people actually, but it’s me and I love it. I currently use Esteé Lauder blush, and I love the Benefit blushes, especially Sugarbomb, so that’s the sort of thing I’m hoping for from this.

The Latest in Beauty HBAWBB booklet says:

“Created to mimic a natural blush, Françoise Nars’ Orgasm blush uses super-fine micronised powder pigments to achieve a universally flattering glow.”


This is a full size 4.8g compact of blush in the shade Orgasm. The blush is widely available online, including from Lookfantastic.com where it is £24.00 with free delivery. There are a total of 16 shades altogether in the range,

Outer Packaging.

The blush is packaged in a matte black box with a print of the Nars logo in white on the front. The product and size are also printed,

The back of the box has the ingredients printed in white across the top of the box (below), and has the company contact information and place of manufacture (Canada).


The compact is also matte black, and feels incredibly soft, almost rubbery but smoother. The Nars branding is printed in white writing in the front.

Underneath the compact is a little sticker with the shade name, which repeats the brand contact information and place of manufacture. The bottom of the compact has slightly curved out edges, everything about the design of this compact is sleek, elegant and a little bit different.

Opening the compact, the upper part has a mirror included. The lower part of the compact contains the blush powder, and is protected with a plastic rectangle with the Nars brand written in black writing. The compact closes securely with a satisfying click.


Before applying the brush to my face I do a little finger swatch on my arm. I can see the blush is slightly shimmery, and a lovely shade of pale pink with maybe a slight hint of mauve in it. The powder feels quite dry, which I prefer for a blush as I find it blends better than something that leaves a creamy slick when it’s applied. My swatch isn’t life altering – the shade looks cute but I’m not sure there is enough oomph in the formula. Please ignore the higher swatches, I was playing with eyeshadow too.


I swirl my powder brush across the powder, and then apply it to my cheeks, starting at the apples and fanning out. I had my reservations after swatching but the brush delivers a gorgeous amount of powder. It’s not over the top, but there is a very definite flush of colour, orgasm is truly an apt name!


Overall I really like this blush. For me it’s delivered everything I wanted from it, and I’m such a sucker for packaging which makes me love it a little more. It’s very similar in price to my current favourites, and there are so many shades to try I definitely want to see more of them.

Look Fantastic September 2017 ‘The Birthday Edit’ Unboxing

Subscription Options.

Happy birthday to Look Fantastic! They have been promoting this box like mad on Social Media, and I’ve been so looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. There are lots of subscription options for Look Fantatsic. I pay £14.50 per month including delivery and I commit for three months at a time. You can commit for more or less, the more you commit the lower the monthly cost.

Box Design.

The monthly boxes are always beautiful, and this month is no exception. The box is the usual rectangular shape with a lift off lid, the lower part of e box is a pretty shade of turquoise and the lid of the box is white. The lid of the box has the Look Fantastic branding, and box name in shiny holographic writing, and there are plenty of stars to signify the special occasion.

Inside the lid of the box Look Fantastic like to include a little inspirational quote, this month of course is birthday related.

Leaflets, booklets and cards.

Inside the box I have a copy of Septembers Elle magazine worth £4.30 and my Look Fantastic booklet. The booklet is 20 pages long, and begins with a note from Amelia the Beauty Editor explaining the inspiration for the items in the celebration themed treat. This is followed by a table of contents, and the items and a little description of them are listed on pages 6/7. Usually the remainder of the booklet is for advertising, but this month there are some different features. Pages 8/9 look back on LF’s favourite moments, including Limited Edition boxes and the #iamfantastic campaign, which is a very powerful campaign to help all women celebrate themselves and feel Fantastic. Pages 10/11 there is a recipe for a delicious looking carrot walnut cake, and the remainder of the pages are dedicated to advertising.


The box is beautifully packaged. Underneath the magazine and booklet the items are wrapped in delicate turquoise paper fastened with a little sticker.

Opening the tissue paper the items are nestled in matching shredded paper, and card has been taken to fit them beautifully into the paper.

Box Composition.

I got a whopping 7 items in my box this month, and one or two of them are definitely full size but I will confirm as I try them. I seem to have a great mix too – two skincare items, two makeup items, one hair item and a lollipop!

Decléor – Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Hydrating Gel-Cream: There isn’t a lot noted about this gel cream except that it should be used in the morning after cleansing the face. The packaging is nice and bright and fresh, which I hope reflect the content, and I’ll find out more about this before I review it.

Look Fantastic – Unicorn Eye Shadow Brush: This item is full size and I nearly missed it when I was Unboxing as it was hidden under tissue paper. It is so pretty. It’s quite light brush, but looks stunning. I can’t wait to try it.

Lolly – Elderflower Flavour: I’m not going to review this item but if you like it you can get a similar one form hollieslollies.co.uk when big lilies start from £2.00 upwards. They are also very cute.

Hikari – Full Sized Eyeshadow Quad: I love eyeshadow but I don’t often expect to find compacts, with the exception of maybe single shades in small boxes due to the cost of them. This is incredibly generous, I hope the shadow is rich and creamy, and full of colour.

Illamasqua – Mini Contouring Gel Sculpt: Another way to contour, and this looks very easy to u, simply swipe and blend. I’m definitely looking forward to playing with this.

Christope Robin – Cleansing Volumizing Paste: I thought this was for my face but no it’s for hair. It says it will give me density, which I don’t really need, but I love the packaging and I am a sucker for good packaging so I trust it will do fabulous things to my hair.

Eve Lom – Cleanser and Muslin Cloth: This looks like a very indulgent cleanser and again looks way pricier than anything I would expect to receive. I’m very excited to try this, I don’t currently have a favourite cleanser I couldn’t be without so maybe this is the one.

First Impressions.

Wow. This is an outstanding box by Look Fantastic, and I know I haven’t tried everything yet but I’m really confident I’m going to look back on this and be really impressed.

Kitsch ‘Temporary Tattoos’ Review

First Impressions.

As a little girl I used to love temporary tattoos, but I was really rubbish at putting them on. My daughter also loved them, and luckily for her temporary tattoos are a little more robust these days (or I got better at putting them on!) but I’ve never seen grown up versions before. I don’t think I’m cool enough to wear even grown up temporary tattoos anymore, but I’m enlisting the help of my now teenage daughter to try out these temporary tattoos from the Latest in Beauty Limited Edition Festivals Essentials box. Thanks Sophie!


This is a full size pack of tattoos which appears to be sold out now. They were available for $12 per pack from http://www.mykitch.com, but I’m not sure if they shipped to the UK. You can get them from eBay if you like them but please be careful if you shop on eBay – check the feedback, ask questions and if in doubt walk away. Based on today’s conversion rate the value of the pack is £9.28.


The temporary tattoos are packaged in a black cardboard box. The front of the box has the company name and product information in shiny silver writing, and the rest of the packaging is clear cellophane to show the tattoos underneath.

The back of the box has a layout of the different types of tattoos and guidance of where on the body to wear them in white writing. It also includes directions, ingredients and the place of manufacture (below).


Sophie picked out a design that she liked for her arm and I cut it out and removed the clear film covering. I pressed the tattoo on to her arm, it wasn’t very sticky but it didn’t slide around or fall off either. Using a wet flannel I squeezed out water over the area until the whole piece was saturated and gently I lifted up the paper. The tattoo came off completely intact, and looked very pretty and shiny in the light. If you want to see a video of this I’ve added it to @fayesbox on Instagram, where it will be up for the next 7 days.


I think these grown up tattoos are beautiful and a really lovely idea. They are easy to use and high quality, and although some might think they are a bit pricey can be perfect for putting the finishing touches to a summer outfit. I adore these and I hope the range is expanded to include more designs and finishes.

MUA ‘Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette’ Review

First Impressions.

Before I talk eyeshadow I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on a few things. A combination of numerous events in the real world have demanded my attention, and whilst everything is okay I don’t have as much spare time as I used to. Add to that after months of practicing video editing I’ve worked out how to do more than splice video clips together and I’m ready to re-launch my YouTube channel, so I may have less time to write my blog. I don’t intend to abandon it – I love writing, but I might smarter to avoid duplication of reviews. Some items may be a video review, some may be a blog, some may be both, but I may start posting every few days instead of daily. If in doubt check in with my Instagram @fayesbox and I’ll update what’s going where. Back to makeup – I’m excited to try this palette from the Latest in Beauty Limited Edition Festivals Essentials box. I’ve used MUA before and I adored it, plus this is full of bright colours which I can’t wait to get stuck into.


This is a full size palette called Poptastic. This particular palette is no longer for sale and has sold out, but there are other MUA palettes of the same size for sale for £4.00 from superdrug.com. The most similar palette to this one that’s currently available is Silent Disco, which also has bright colours.


The palette has a clear plastic lid with a black border. The MUA branding is printed in silver at the bottom of the palette in shiny writing.

The back of the palette is shiny black plastic with an information sticker. The sticker has the palette name, ingredients (below), size 9.6g, company contact details and place of manufacture (PRC – China).


The palette has 12 coloured shimmer shades which I swatch down my arm from wrist to elbow, left to right, top row followed by bottom row of the palette. The shades are really pigmented, but also creamy and smooth in their formula. I recently bought a few Morphe palettes, and whilst they have all the colours of the rainbow I find some of the shades are a little dry and then they come out grainy, or patchy and too dark in places. These shades are creamy and melt on to the skin.

Pizazz Purple – The shimmery purple shade closest to the wrist, and the lightest shade of purple in the palette. It shimmers with a pink tinge in the light.

Cool Cyan – This pale/mid blue matte shadow is one of the less shimmery shades in the palette.

Lime Sizzle – This shade looks pale yellow in the pan but swatches as a bright, shimmery pale gold colour.

Electric Purple – This shimmery purple is the darker of the two purple colours.

Gold Mine – This is another beautiful, shimmery gold shade, but this one is a little darker than Lime Sizzle.

Blue Suede – This blue colour is only a little lighter than Cool Cyan but has more silver shimmer to it.

Jade Jazz – The first of two teal colours, this shimmery shade has plenty of green in it.

Cherry Sour – This is a beautiful, dark raspberry shade of pink.

Atomic Aqua – This is the second teal shade, and this one contains more blue and is a splendid shade of turquoise.

Shocking Pink – This is a highly shimmery shade of pale/mid pink.

Crystal Blue – This shade of blue is a mid/dark blue but bright like royal blue.

Sonic Blue – This is the darkest shade in the palette, but swatches as more of a mid blue with a vibrant blue shimmer.


As well as being pigmented and creamy, I have found these eyeshadows are really easy to blend. I put together a mermaid inspired look using Cool Cyan, Crystal Blue, Sonic Blue, Jade Jazz, Atomic Aqua and Blue Suede. I finished by lining the lower lid of my eyes with Pizazz Purple, and using Lime Sizzle as a highlight. If you want to see how the look was put together there is a quick video on Instagram @fayesbox.


This is a truly excellent palette from MUA. The eyeshadow is an excellent quality and really easy to work with, but more than that it’s a great price which means guilt free shopping. I’ve tried a few eyeshadow palettes recently, but this is one of my favourites and I’m very glad I received it.

Rodial ‘Suede Lips’ Review

First Impressions.

I’ve had a Rodial item in a Glossybox before, and whilst it was okay it didn’t set the world on fire for me. That was a mascara, so I’m really glad to have the opportunity to try this Suede Lips crayon from Augusts Glossybox to give the brand another chance.

My Glossybox Card Says:

“Intense. Matte. Moisturising. This perfect summer lip shade contains hydrating vitamin E and the shape makes it easy to swipe on. For precision, line lips with the soft berry shade them fill in, but for a softer look apply crayon all over lips then blur the edges slightly with your fingers.”


This is a full size 2.4g crayon in the shade Big Apple. The crayon is available from rodial.co.uk for £22 with free delivery.


The crayon is black in colour and the front has the brand and product in silver writing.

The back of the crayon has the ingredients (below), size, place of manufacture (China) and company contact information.

Removing the lid from the crayon I can see this crayon is a no sharpener required type – which I love the most. If I start to run out of crayon nib I can simply twist the end and let more out.


Before applying the crayon to my lips I decide to test it on my arm. The crayon is a berry colour and is easy to apply. I can build up the colour to be stronger in certain places by going over it, but the application isn’t flawless and leaves a grainy finish where specks of crayon have left darker areas than others. I am aware that my lips are smoother so I’m hoping this will create a more even finish.


I start by using the crayon to line my lips. It’s got quite a chunky nib and it glides around my lips easily.

I then use the crayon to fill in my lip colour. Again, the colour goes on easily and provides a subtle colour to my lips.


Overall this is a nice lip crayon which gives a subtle colour finish. I usually tend to wear lip balm or bold shade lipsticks, I don’t tend to do half measures so I’m not sure if this is something I will wear.

MAC ‘False Lashes Extreme Black’ Review

First Impressions.

I was lucky enough to receive two MAC products in beauty boxes this month, and this mascara from Augusts Cohorted box is the second one. I’m a huge fan of mascaras, and I’m also a believer that bigger is better when it comes to lashes so I’m really looking forward to seeing how much vavavoom this can give my lashes.

The Cohorted Booklet Says:

“M-A-C False Lashes Extreme Black. Intensely inky, this lightweight, innovative mousse-like formula creates the illusion of lash extensions. Saturates lashes in the deepest, darkest, richest black imaginable with each stroke of the unique double-lush brush.”


This is a teeny, tiny unlabelled sample in terms of size, but it only weighs 4g including packaging, so I would guess there is 1-2g mascara maximum in the sample. Full size, the product contains 10g and is available for £19.50 with free delivery from Maccosmetics.co.uk. Based on the cost of the full size the mascara is £1.95 per gram, making my sample worth £1.95-£3.90, depending on how much it actually contains.


The mascara is packaged in a black glossy tube with a screw off lid. The brand and product are printed on the front of the tube in white writing.


Unscrewing the lid I pull out the applicator wand. The wand is short, which is to be expected as the packaging is so small, and the wand itself has lots of dense bristles.


I started by applying the mascara in wiggly brush strokes to one eye only for a comparison. In the photo below I have applied it to the eye on the left of the photo, the right are my natural eyelashes. The mascara did make my lashes look longer but not really any thicker.

I apply mascara to the eye on the right to even them up.

I’ll admit, I’m disappointed in the finish so I applied a second coat to both of my eyelashes. I really went over my lashes with the applicator but I couldn’t build up the look I liked with the mascara.


I’m really disappointed with this mascara, and I definitely won’t be buying the full size. It does not give a false lash effect, and even the disappointing finish I managed to get out of the mascara took a lot of effort. This isn’t a mascara I would recommend.

Mane ‘n’ Tail ‘Shampoo & Conditioner’ Review

First Impressions.

It’s not often that I review two items from beauty boxes together, but then again I’ve never been lucky enough to get a shampoo and conditioner from the same range in a beauty box before. I want to try them both together to get the maximum benefits out of the brand. Whilst I change the brand of shampoo and conditioner I use regularly I am fond of sticking to one brand at a time, and I haven’t heard of Mane ‘n’ Tail before, it’s a really cute name and I’m looking forward to trying both of these items from Augusts Look Fantastic box.

The Look Fantastic Booklet Says:

“This cult US shampoo and conditioner used to be dedicated to pamper horses’ manes and tails, but since celebrities like Jennifer Anniston and Demi Moore swore by it, it has become and essential in every girls’ bathroom. Your hair will be left smooth and swishing!”


I have received a 60 ml sample of shampoo, and a 60ml sample of conditioner. Full size, each item sells in 355ml bottles, and both are available for £4.99 each from Lookfantastic.com. Based on the full price of each product they are 1p per ml each, making each sample worth 84p. The value of the shampoo and conditioner samples together based on this price is £1.69.


The shampoo and conditioner have very similar packaging, and I quite like the look of it. They are packaged in a white bottle with a bright blue lid. The front of the bottle has a sticker with the brand written in blue, and the product. There is a lovely dark blue silhouette of horses galloping with an orange background, it invokes images of them riding off into the sunset for me. The whole presentation has a playful, Western theme.

The back of the bottles has a white sticker with blue writing. Each bottle has a description, and ingredients (below), the company contact information and place of manufacture (USA).

Directions – Shampoo.

Wet hair and apply shampoo. The amount used will vary depending on the volume and length of hair. Work through hair with fingertips, rinse and follow with conditioner.

Directions – Conditioner.

Massage conditioner into scalp and hair. The amount used will vary depending on the volume and length of hair. Let conditioner remain on hair for 1-2 minutes. Rinse out, style as usual.

Formula – Shampoo.

Beginning with the shampoo I tip out a small amount on to my hand to start with. The shampoo is a pearlescent white colour, and holds together but is pourable. The shampoo smells lovely, it is light and fresh.

Formula – Conditioner.

I repeat the process with the conditioner, but the conditioner is thicker and harder to squeeze out. When I do squeeze it out it is a lovely bright shade of yellow in colour, and it smells very similar to the shampoo, light fresh and lovely.


I begin by shampooing my hair. The shampoo works easily into a good lather, and it feels rich and thick in my hair. After rinsing my hair feels really clean, and also feels free from buildup. I decide not to completely follow the instructions for the conditioner, my scalp is naturally oily and so I never apply conditioner to the top of my hair, but I do apply it to the ends. The conditioner is easy to work through my hair, but despite being a thick formula in my hand isn’t as rich and nourishing as I usual like in a conditioner. Afterwards my hair felt soft and smooth.


Overall I think this is a nice little haircare brand, which is fun and reasonable in price too. I’m not convinced by the conditioner, but I would definitely use the shampoo again.

Too Faced ‘Funfetti Eyeshadow Palette’ Review

First Impressions.

Take a list of my favourite things, put them together in one rectangular package and you have this Funfetti makeup palette from Augusts Look Incredible box. It’s pink, it’s cute, it’s an eyeshadow palette, and it’s from Too Faced who are notorious for their eyeshadows – I really couldn’t be more excited to try this. Cue big smiles and excited fast movements.

My Look Incredible Card Says:

“Packed full of pigment-rich colours that will encourage you to get creative with your look, the Too Faced Funfetti eyeshadow palette is essential for women who want to have fun. Mix and match from 12 matte and shimmer shades to celebrate in style.”


This is a full size 12 shadow palette. The palette seems quite old and is sold out most places but I did find it in stock for £38.90 at houseofbeauty.co.uk.


The palette is contained in cardboard packaging, and is the most lovely shade of baby pink in colour. The front of the palette has a gold circle in the centre and has the brand and palette name on the front. There are gorgeous little confetti hearts printed falling from the top of the palette in various shades of pink and gold.

The back of the palette has the same lovely pink heart design, and at the bottom is printed the company contact details, and place of manufacture (China).

Opening the palette I can see that there are 12 shades with names. The palette also has a heart shaped mirror in the top half of the palette, and the lid is magnetised to ensure a snug closure.


There are 12 shades included in the palette altogether, working left to right across each row from the top down they are:

Feelin’ Good: This matte shade is the lightest in the palette, and would make a good base colour.

Life’s A Party: This is a shimmery lilac colour. It looks darker in the pan, but when swatches is packed with silvery shimmer.

Sequin: This purple shade is also shimmery, and is a little darker than Life’s A Party.

Over-Served: This is the darkest matte shade in the palette, and it a muddy brown colour with undertones of grey. Would be great for smokey eye.

Forever Young: This is a lovely peach toned matte shade which would make a nice transition shade.

Party Crasher: This is another matte shade which is chocolatey brown in colour.

Funfetti: This shade is shimmery and pink.

Girl Gang: This shade is a little lighter than Party Crasher, but the main difference is that this shade shimmers.

Pop, Fizz, Clink! This is a light matte shade with yellow undertones.

After Party: This shade is a shimmery gold colour.

You’re So Fancy: This matte shade is sort of a mid brown, somewhere in between Forever Young and Party Crasher.

All Nighter: This is the darkest shade in the palette, and look black but is infused with gold glitter.

I want to see how the shades look outside the pan, so I decide to swatch them up my arm starting with Feelin’ Good at my elbow and working in the same order as above to All Nighter at my wrist. The eyeshadows are really creamy, and I find it really easy to take the colour from the pan on to my arm. The colours are pigmented but aren’t so crazy pigmented that you have to be really cautious with the application, these have colour but are buildable and I prefer that. My favourite shade from the swatch is After Party, it’s such a stunning and vibrant gold colour I adore it.


Despite my favourite swatch shade being After Party I’ve decided not to use it in my trial of this palette as I always seem to do a neutral/gold eye makeup when I try a palette and I want to do something else. I prepare my eye area by applying Revlon Photoready Eye Primer and I set it by brushing Feelin’ Good over my lid and crease.

Next, using a fluffy brush I blend Forever Young along my crease, but also into the inner and outer part of my lid, leaving a little gap in the middle.

Using a different blending brush I repeat the process with You’re So Fancy, building up a stronger colour.

Finally, I apply Party Crasher to my inner and outer eyelid and crease, and blend using the blending brush I used previously. I stopped here, but if you want to make it even darker you could repeat using Overserved.

Next, I apply two lines of Sequin to the centre of my lid where I haven’t yet applied any eyeshadow, leaving a gap in the middle. If you don’t have much space inside where you applied your eyeshadow you could use concealer to set the colour back to neutral.

Using my finger I dab Life’s a Party in the centre of Sequin. You may find you need to use a brush to blend the two colours together a little bit so it doesn’t look striped, and in doing so you may need to go back and reapply a little more of one or the other shade as sometimes shimmers can lose their vibrancy when they are brushed about.

Finally, I use Funfetti under my lower lid and pop on some eyeliner. I’ve used Rimmel Glam Eyes.


Overall I’m really happy to have had this palette in the Look Incredible box. The quality of the makeup is excellent, and it’s not too over the top so I don’t feel self conscious wearing it to work. The palette isn’t cheap, and I don’t think I’d have ever bought it for myself, but in some ways that makes this even more special to me.

Sport FX ‘Time Out Face Mist’ Review

First Impressions.

I’ve had a Sport FX Eyeliner Duo in April’s Glossybox and I wasn’t a huge fan of it, so I’m coming into this review with not the best opinion of the brand. Saying that, there are plenty of brands out there where I don’t get on with a couple of products but I love the rest of the range, so I’m hoping this is one of those brands. I wouldn’t say I’m excited, but I’m definitely intrigued to try this Sport FX face mist from Augusts Glossybox,

My Glossybox Card Says:

“This British brand was designed to come to the rescue of gym-goers like us, and if it can withstand the gym, it can withstand the heat! This refreshing and soothing face mist works best as a replacement for your primer, keeping makeup in place and controlling oil while hydrating your skin. Mist onto face before applying foundation or over makeup to refresh (the menthol essence has a cooking effect.) it’s also vegan friendly.”


This is a full size 30ml bottle of face mist which is available for £5.99 from sportfx.com.

External Packaging.

The spray comes packaged in a white box with black writing. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging, I think it’s quite boring and I don’t think I’d pick it out in a shop, but luckily for me the great thing about beauty boxes is I get to try things I wouldn’t usually go for. The front of the box has the brand, product and size of the bottle.

Turning the box clockwise, the next face mentions the spray is handbag sized, and features a red slogan sweat smart, sweat sexy.

The back of the box has the company contact information, and place of manufacture (Italy). It also has a little description, it says:

“Time out mist and fix is a lightweight, breathable skin refresher, excellent for setting makeup. Use the duo-action formula to hydrate after a workout or to fix makeup firmly in place for a long-lasting finish. Refreshing soothing and toning action on the skin. Spray onto your face for instant refreshment and protection for makeup.”

The final side of the box has the ingredients (below), and a list of precautions.


The spray is packaged in a clear plastic bottle, with a black pump action sprayer. The brand and product are printed on the front in black writing.

The back of the bottle repeats the company contact information, place of manufacture and volume.


The mist is a clear liquid which is a similar consistency to water. The mist is lightly fragranced with menthol, but the smell disappears quickly.

Results – Primer.

I first tried this spray as suggested by Glossybox as a primer under foundation. The spray felt very cooling on my skin, and my makeup stayed in place after using it but I really missed some of the other benefits primers usually give me. For example, one benefit I look for in a primer is pore reduction to help give me a flawless collection, this spray definitely did not help me in this area.

Results – Fixing Spray.

I tried the spray as a refreshing mist, but I needed a few pumps to completely hit all of my skin as the sprayer seems to only cover a small area. The spray was cool, but the sensation didn’t last very long.


I think this spray is a really nice idea in principle, but in reality the brief fragrance reminds me of cold medicine, and I have to spray a lot to achieve the desired sensation. I prefer Monu Reviving Mist as a face mist, I think it smells better, feels better – in my opinion there is no comparison, I’m not sure I’m going to finish this sample, it just doesn’t do anything for me.