Welcome to Faye’s Box!

I am Faye, 32 (still feel 17) years old. I am a mother to a young teenager, wife and I work full time in an office. My job title is a Trainer, but often people mistake that with a Personal Trainer and think that I’m really fit – I’m really not! I am obsessed with beauty boxes and I currently subscribe to four beauty boxes – Glossybox, Roccabox, Cohorted and Look Fantastic. I also like to try Limited Edition boxes as and when they catch my eye.

Why do I love beauty boxes? Lots of different reasons. In exchange for a subscription of 3, 6 or 12 months (or some boxes offer monthly subscriptions), I’m sent a box of beauty goodies containing make up, skin care and hair care products. I have always been interested in beauty and love to try out new things, but can never decide what to try next. Receiving an item in my box pushes me outside my comfort zone, and helps to introduce fun new products into my world. It’s also affordable – I don’t always want to spend money on a full sized product that I haven’t tried before in case it doesn’t work for me. As the beauty boxes send me a mixture of 4-6 (usually) products to try even if I don’t like one or two of them I don’t feel like I’ve lost out. Finally, I love the surprise. I love coming home to open up my box and see what I’ve been sent, and then I love going online to see what other people had too!

Why blogging? I enjoy writing and sharing my experiences, and I get so much pleasure from seeing what other people had I wanted to try my hand at it. I did a lot of research before I subscribed to my first box, I was a little tentative and I wish I had done it sooner. I hope by sharing my experiences it can help others who are thinking of subscribing, or looking to move subscriptions. My final piece of inspiration was my sister publishing her first book. I thought that if she can write and publish a book I can definitely keep up a blog. (If you’re interested her book is called “An Insular World” by Emily Brooks, and is available on Amazon in paper or kindle format).

Last of all from me, I should mention that I’m not supported, affiliated with or endorsed by any brand or company. I pay for all of my subscriptions out of my own money, and I don’t receive any money or endorsements from my blogging hobby. All of the opinions in these pages are completely just that – my opinion. If I like something you can be confident that I actually like it as a paying customer. All the photography & makeup designs in these pages are my own work. I hope you enjoy,

Faye 💕