Hikari ‘Eye Shadow Quad’ Review

First Impressions.

I love eyeshadow compacts, little ones, big ones, they are all great for me. I was really happy and surprised to see this eye shadows quad in Septembers Look Fantastic beauty box.

The Look Fantastic booklet says:

“Affordable, highly pigmented and perfect colour combo, it’s a quad that will never leave your makeup stash. There are two neutral matte shades and two darker shimmering shades to help you play around with colour and texture.”


This is a full size quad in the shade Tonya, which is part of a range of quads all with various girls names. The quad is available for $15 on hikaricosmetics.com, but outside of auction sites like eBay they aren’t currently for sale in the U.K. Based on today’s exchange rate the compact is worth £11.29. If you want to shop on eBay check the sellers ratings, if in doubt contact the seller to ask questions and if it looks too good to be true walk away.

External Packaging.

The quad is packaged in a black shiny box with the brand, shade and product written in white writing.

The back of the box has a list of ingredients (below). The brand contact details are printed on the side of the box, and place of manufacture (PRC – China).


The quad is packaged in a black shiny plastic case, with a clear plastic window to show the shades within. The brand is written in black writing. The font and design make the quad look classy, but the thin, cheap aplastic lets its down a bit.

The back of the compact is also black and shiny, and has a grey sticker reconfirming the shade, place of manufacture, and size 8g.

Opening the lid of the compact I can see I do have four eyeshadow colours.


Before I get stuck in, I decide to finger swatch the shades on my arm working elbow to wrist, top town to bottom in the quad. I’m a bit disappointed with the pigmentation of the swatches, especially the matte shades, although admittedly some shadows work better with brushes. The powder is very fine and silky.

Top Left – This is the lightest shade in the quad, and is one of the matte shades. It is an ivory colour which would make a great base.

Top Right – This is the darkest shade, and is a dark brown matte shadow. This will be great for creating shadow in the eye.

Bottom Left – This shade has my attention, I don’t think I have anything like it even in my Morphe palettes. It’s a gorgeous shimmery copper colour.

Bottom Right – Another lovely shimmery shade, this one is a mid brown shade.


I prepped my eye area by using Revlon Eye Primer, and evening it out with a brush. I applied the top left matte ivory shade to the lid and crease to help set the area, and give a nice base to work on.

Using a precision brush I apply the Top Right dark shade to my outer V, and swoop it along my crease. I think this is the least pigmented shade in the palette so I literally pile it on.

Using a fluffy brush blend it out. If the shade looks too light after blending apply more powder with the precision brush and repeat. The shade should blend quite easily,

Using the bottom right shade apply along the eyelid, starting from the inner eye working out. I’ve used a brush which has given me quite a dull finish, you can also apply with your finger for a slightly brighter finish.

Just so that I’ve used every shade in the quad I run the bottom left coppery shade below my eye, along my lower lashline.


This might not be the most pigmented, or most luxurious eyeshadow quad I’ve tried but it can be used to quickly and easily put together different looks, especially good for day looks. One thing I really like about it is how well every shade works together to give the quad maximum usability. Even if the quad was for sale over here I don’t think I would get one, but I will use this, especially for work.


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