Nars Cosmetics ‘Blush’ Review

First Impressions.

I see a lot of Nars makeup being used online, but I’m yet to own any, well until receiving this Blush in the Latest in Beauty Limited Edition Harpers Bazaar Award Winners Beauty Box (HBAWBB). Phew, that was a mouthful! I really like highly pigmented blush that creates an impact without needed multiple applications to build up a good flush of colour. My blush might be a bit too much for some people actually, but it’s me and I love it. I currently use Esteé Lauder blush, and I love the Benefit blushes, especially Sugarbomb, so that’s the sort of thing I’m hoping for from this.

The Latest in Beauty HBAWBB booklet says:

“Created to mimic a natural blush, Françoise Nars’ Orgasm blush uses super-fine micronised powder pigments to achieve a universally flattering glow.”


This is a full size 4.8g compact of blush in the shade Orgasm. The blush is widely available online, including from where it is £24.00 with free delivery. There are a total of 16 shades altogether in the range,

Outer Packaging.

The blush is packaged in a matte black box with a print of the Nars logo in white on the front. The product and size are also printed,

The back of the box has the ingredients printed in white across the top of the box (below), and has the company contact information and place of manufacture (Canada).


The compact is also matte black, and feels incredibly soft, almost rubbery but smoother. The Nars branding is printed in white writing in the front.

Underneath the compact is a little sticker with the shade name, which repeats the brand contact information and place of manufacture. The bottom of the compact has slightly curved out edges, everything about the design of this compact is sleek, elegant and a little bit different.

Opening the compact, the upper part has a mirror included. The lower part of the compact contains the blush powder, and is protected with a plastic rectangle with the Nars brand written in black writing. The compact closes securely with a satisfying click.


Before applying the brush to my face I do a little finger swatch on my arm. I can see the blush is slightly shimmery, and a lovely shade of pale pink with maybe a slight hint of mauve in it. The powder feels quite dry, which I prefer for a blush as I find it blends better than something that leaves a creamy slick when it’s applied. My swatch isn’t life altering – the shade looks cute but I’m not sure there is enough oomph in the formula. Please ignore the higher swatches, I was playing with eyeshadow too.


I swirl my powder brush across the powder, and then apply it to my cheeks, starting at the apples and fanning out. I had my reservations after swatching but the brush delivers a gorgeous amount of powder. It’s not over the top, but there is a very definite flush of colour, orgasm is truly an apt name!


Overall I really like this blush. For me it’s delivered everything I wanted from it, and I’m such a sucker for packaging which makes me love it a little more. It’s very similar in price to my current favourites, and there are so many shades to try I definitely want to see more of them.


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