Look Fantastic September 2017 ‘The Birthday Edit’ Unboxing

Subscription Options.

Happy birthday to Look Fantastic! They have been promoting this box like mad on Social Media, and I’ve been so looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. There are lots of subscription options for Look Fantatsic. I pay £14.50 per month including delivery and I commit for three months at a time. You can commit for more or less, the more you commit the lower the monthly cost.

Box Design.

The monthly boxes are always beautiful, and this month is no exception. The box is the usual rectangular shape with a lift off lid, the lower part of e box is a pretty shade of turquoise and the lid of the box is white. The lid of the box has the Look Fantastic branding, and box name in shiny holographic writing, and there are plenty of stars to signify the special occasion.

Inside the lid of the box Look Fantastic like to include a little inspirational quote, this month of course is birthday related.

Leaflets, booklets and cards.

Inside the box I have a copy of Septembers Elle magazine worth £4.30 and my Look Fantastic booklet. The booklet is 20 pages long, and begins with a note from Amelia the Beauty Editor explaining the inspiration for the items in the celebration themed treat. This is followed by a table of contents, and the items and a little description of them are listed on pages 6/7. Usually the remainder of the booklet is for advertising, but this month there are some different features. Pages 8/9 look back on LF’s favourite moments, including Limited Edition boxes and the #iamfantastic campaign, which is a very powerful campaign to help all women celebrate themselves and feel Fantastic. Pages 10/11 there is a recipe for a delicious looking carrot walnut cake, and the remainder of the pages are dedicated to advertising.


The box is beautifully packaged. Underneath the magazine and booklet the items are wrapped in delicate turquoise paper fastened with a little sticker.

Opening the tissue paper the items are nestled in matching shredded paper, and card has been taken to fit them beautifully into the paper.

Box Composition.

I got a whopping 7 items in my box this month, and one or two of them are definitely full size but I will confirm as I try them. I seem to have a great mix too – two skincare items, two makeup items, one hair item and a lollipop!

Decléor – Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Hydrating Gel-Cream: There isn’t a lot noted about this gel cream except that it should be used in the morning after cleansing the face. The packaging is nice and bright and fresh, which I hope reflect the content, and I’ll find out more about this before I review it.

Look Fantastic – Unicorn Eye Shadow Brush: This item is full size and I nearly missed it when I was Unboxing as it was hidden under tissue paper. It is so pretty. It’s quite light brush, but looks stunning. I can’t wait to try it.

Lolly – Elderflower Flavour: I’m not going to review this item but if you like it you can get a similar one form hollieslollies.co.uk when big lilies start from £2.00 upwards. They are also very cute.

Hikari – Full Sized Eyeshadow Quad: I love eyeshadow but I don’t often expect to find compacts, with the exception of maybe single shades in small boxes due to the cost of them. This is incredibly generous, I hope the shadow is rich and creamy, and full of colour.

Illamasqua – Mini Contouring Gel Sculpt: Another way to contour, and this looks very easy to u, simply swipe and blend. I’m definitely looking forward to playing with this.

Christope Robin – Cleansing Volumizing Paste: I thought this was for my face but no it’s for hair. It says it will give me density, which I don’t really need, but I love the packaging and I am a sucker for good packaging so I trust it will do fabulous things to my hair.

Eve Lom – Cleanser and Muslin Cloth: This looks like a very indulgent cleanser and again looks way pricier than anything I would expect to receive. I’m very excited to try this, I don’t currently have a favourite cleanser I couldn’t be without so maybe this is the one.

First Impressions.

Wow. This is an outstanding box by Look Fantastic, and I know I haven’t tried everything yet but I’m really confident I’m going to look back on this and be really impressed.


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