Kitsch ‘Temporary Tattoos’ Review

First Impressions.

As a little girl I used to love temporary tattoos, but I was really rubbish at putting them on. My daughter also loved them, and luckily for her temporary tattoos are a little more robust these days (or I got better at putting them on!) but I’ve never seen grown up versions before. I don’t think I’m cool enough to wear even grown up temporary tattoos anymore, but I’m enlisting the help of my now teenage daughter to try out these temporary tattoos from the Latest in Beauty Limited Edition Festivals Essentials box. Thanks Sophie!


This is a full size pack of tattoos which appears to be sold out now. They were available for $12 per pack from, but I’m not sure if they shipped to the UK. You can get them from eBay if you like them but please be careful if you shop on eBay – check the feedback, ask questions and if in doubt walk away. Based on today’s conversion rate the value of the pack is £9.28.


The temporary tattoos are packaged in a black cardboard box. The front of the box has the company name and product information in shiny silver writing, and the rest of the packaging is clear cellophane to show the tattoos underneath.

The back of the box has a layout of the different types of tattoos and guidance of where on the body to wear them in white writing. It also includes directions, ingredients and the place of manufacture (below).


Sophie picked out a design that she liked for her arm and I cut it out and removed the clear film covering. I pressed the tattoo on to her arm, it wasn’t very sticky but it didn’t slide around or fall off either. Using a wet flannel I squeezed out water over the area until the whole piece was saturated and gently I lifted up the paper. The tattoo came off completely intact, and looked very pretty and shiny in the light. If you want to see a video of this I’ve added it to @fayesbox on Instagram, where it will be up for the next 7 days.


I think these grown up tattoos are beautiful and a really lovely idea. They are easy to use and high quality, and although some might think they are a bit pricey can be perfect for putting the finishing touches to a summer outfit. I adore these and I hope the range is expanded to include more designs and finishes.


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