MUA ‘Poptastic Eyeshadow Palette’ Review

First Impressions.

Before I talk eyeshadow I wanted to take the opportunity to update you on a few things. A combination of numerous events in the real world have demanded my attention, and whilst everything is okay I don’t have as much spare time as I used to. Add to that after months of practicing video editing I’ve worked out how to do more than splice video clips together and I’m ready to re-launch my YouTube channel, so I may have less time to write my blog. I don’t intend to abandon it – I love writing, but I might smarter to avoid duplication of reviews. Some items may be a video review, some may be a blog, some may be both, but I may start posting every few days instead of daily. If in doubt check in with my Instagram @fayesbox and I’ll update what’s going where. Back to makeup – I’m excited to try this palette from the Latest in Beauty Limited Edition Festivals Essentials box. I’ve used MUA before and I adored it, plus this is full of bright colours which I can’t wait to get stuck into.


This is a full size palette called Poptastic. This particular palette is no longer for sale and has sold out, but there are other MUA palettes of the same size for sale for £4.00 from The most similar palette to this one that’s currently available is Silent Disco, which also has bright colours.


The palette has a clear plastic lid with a black border. The MUA branding is printed in silver at the bottom of the palette in shiny writing.

The back of the palette is shiny black plastic with an information sticker. The sticker has the palette name, ingredients (below), size 9.6g, company contact details and place of manufacture (PRC – China).


The palette has 12 coloured shimmer shades which I swatch down my arm from wrist to elbow, left to right, top row followed by bottom row of the palette. The shades are really pigmented, but also creamy and smooth in their formula. I recently bought a few Morphe palettes, and whilst they have all the colours of the rainbow I find some of the shades are a little dry and then they come out grainy, or patchy and too dark in places. These shades are creamy and melt on to the skin.

Pizazz Purple – The shimmery purple shade closest to the wrist, and the lightest shade of purple in the palette. It shimmers with a pink tinge in the light.

Cool Cyan – This pale/mid blue matte shadow is one of the less shimmery shades in the palette.

Lime Sizzle – This shade looks pale yellow in the pan but swatches as a bright, shimmery pale gold colour.

Electric Purple – This shimmery purple is the darker of the two purple colours.

Gold Mine – This is another beautiful, shimmery gold shade, but this one is a little darker than Lime Sizzle.

Blue Suede – This blue colour is only a little lighter than Cool Cyan but has more silver shimmer to it.

Jade Jazz – The first of two teal colours, this shimmery shade has plenty of green in it.

Cherry Sour – This is a beautiful, dark raspberry shade of pink.

Atomic Aqua – This is the second teal shade, and this one contains more blue and is a splendid shade of turquoise.

Shocking Pink – This is a highly shimmery shade of pale/mid pink.

Crystal Blue – This shade of blue is a mid/dark blue but bright like royal blue.

Sonic Blue – This is the darkest shade in the palette, but swatches as more of a mid blue with a vibrant blue shimmer.


As well as being pigmented and creamy, I have found these eyeshadows are really easy to blend. I put together a mermaid inspired look using Cool Cyan, Crystal Blue, Sonic Blue, Jade Jazz, Atomic Aqua and Blue Suede. I finished by lining the lower lid of my eyes with Pizazz Purple, and using Lime Sizzle as a highlight. If you want to see how the look was put together there is a quick video on Instagram @fayesbox.


This is a truly excellent palette from MUA. The eyeshadow is an excellent quality and really easy to work with, but more than that it’s a great price which means guilt free shopping. I’ve tried a few eyeshadow palettes recently, but this is one of my favourites and I’m very glad I received it.


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